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SEArcular was started by Greencore Resources Limited, with the mission to prevent hundred millions of bottles and other plastic scrap to enter the ocean every-year while advancing the circular economy.
By doing this, Greencore is proving that current plastic pollution can have market potential.

Greencore's CEO, Max Craipeau is Chairman at the world's largest recycling federation, the BIR.

GREENCORE manages from Hong Kong (HQ) a diversified portfolio of plastic recyclates, integrating the responsible sourcing and recycling at its plant in Indonesia. GREENCORE empowers recycling ecosystems around the world with a focus on South East Asia, driving responsible economic development in underprivileged communities and reducing the flow of plastic into our oceans. 

SEArcular 由 Greencore Resources Limited 創立,使命是在推進循環經濟的同時,每年防止數以億計的塑瓶及其他塑廢料進入海洋。  


通過這樣做,Greencore 正在證明當前的塑料污染具有市場潛力。 


Greencore 的首席執行官 Max Craipeau 是世界上最大的回收聯合會 BIR 的主席。  


GREENCORE 在香港(總部)管理著多元化的塑料回收產品組合,結合印度尼西亞工廠負責採購和回收。 


GREENCORE 活化世界各地的回收生態系統,重點關注東南亞,推動貧困社區負責任的經濟發展,並減少塑料流入海洋。

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